“Stay classy Magalluf” ☀️

What even is this all about? Who in their right mind would let their friend give oral sex to over 20 men, let alone be the one to do it?! This is what girls and boys look forward to now as soon as they graduate… But yet you do something like that in their home town and they are the first to judge.

Oral sex for a free drink, well done Magalluf you reached rock bottom

“Stay classy” doesn’t even have the same meaning It would have 5-10 years ago and it’s gets me so annoyed that this is the new low of “fun”. Girls are the ones to judge this particular girl, personally I would HATE to have been peer pressured into that, she now has to live with that for the rest of her life not everybody is going to be there to support her to get on with her life have a proper family and husband that happens to RESPECT her which a lot of guys feel they don’t need to do now a days as soon as they have a bird in their bed they’re happy!

That “bit of fun” could lead to STI’s, STD’s, pregnancy! Then that’s it, your life is ruined for a laugh, I’m not saying don’t go on lads/girls holiday just be bloody careful and have a bit of respect towards eachother, not treating the opposite/same sex as just an object you can play with then throw away like the rest of your toys… That girl is getting all the hatred but not one comment I’ve seen towards the guys that took advantage and got a thrill and potentially a sexually transmitted disease? What makes them angels? How would they have felt if it was their daughter giving oral sex to a load of guys she didn’t even know?!

Rant over.

Shoes (eek!)


I am absolutely obsessed with these simple heels lately! They are just so perfect the strap around the ankle helps to make sure they don’t fall off (especially when running for the bus!).

River island is my fav place to buy them however as they seem to be the only place I can find some pretty ones! 😊


University or Social Life?

Ok so i may be young and considered immature sometimes, surely thats because i like to have fun?! But, in my opinion we should not be forced or influenced into signing up for university if we dont want to. There could be many reasons why someone doesn’t want to go to university; personally i have no clue what career i want and although i may have a few idea’s in my head they are completely different, other reasons could be along the lines of how much it costs to go to university, but these reasons will always have excuses made for them by teachers! Surely, without the stress of exams and coursework we shouldnt have to worry about uni open days, application deadlines and all that nonsense! Personally, i feel each individual should have an interview where they discuss different options and that teachers should support students in whatever they decide, rather than forcing them into something they dont want to! At a young age we should be able to get out, have fun and see the world!!